Privacy Policy

  1. The Provider will use the data supplied by the User (e.g. title, name, address) in accordance with the provisions of South Africa's data privacy laws.

  2. The User's personal data will be used solely for managing issues relating to the contract agreed between the parties, e.g. for invoicing purposes.

  3. None of the User's personal data supplied to the Provider will be made available to third parties without the prior written approval of the User, except if required by law or a decree issued by a governmental agency.

  4. Once the purpose of the contract has been fully concluded, including complete payment of the agreed purchase price, the User's data that is subject to retention for legal reasons will be locked. These data will then no longer be available for any further use. The remaining personal data will be deleted if the User has not explicitly approved further processing and use of his/her data. In such cases, the User may view, amend and delete the data held by the Provider. The approval granted by the User can be rescinded at any time.

  5. For further information or to request deletion of User data, please contact the support department at the following: