Photobooks Software Downloads

Once you have downloaded either the Windows or Mac version of the software. You may also download album templates and add-ons. Please be sure to download the correct version for your PC.

Please note if your BK Photobooks software pops out with a message saying “new update available”, please click on the yes button. This will insure that your BK Photobooks program is always up to date.


Order Process

Step by Step

The process of ordering an album is done in the following steps:

  1. Click on the 'Order' button.The ordering process is done using a wizard.
  2. First screen : Display the Order preview.
  3. Second screen - Displays the order summary details. You can select the 'Cover' from the list of available covers, select a 'Finishing' method from the list, fill in your 'Comment', set the number of 'Copies' and select the 'Color correction' method.
  4. Third screen - Select the 'File Sending' method and fill your 'Contact details'.
  5. Shipment and Payment screen - According to the number of copies you selected in the second screen, the system will guide you to fill in 'Copies', Shipment method' and Shipment details for each shipment.
  6. When you finish the ordering process, a receipt will be displayed on the screen.